Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. General information
Cooperation The Privacy Policy sets out the rules for examining and protecting personal data provided by users in connection with their use services via the Website.
2. The administrator of personal data on the website is the company:

KW Recruitment
ul. Walerego Sławka 27/13
30-633 Kraków
3. For the sake of security, we have developed internal procedures and procedures to prevent disclosure of data about unauthorized activity. We control their effectiveness and constantly check their compliance with the provisions and legal acts - the Act on the protection of personal data, the Act on the provision of services by road, as well as by type of special acts and acts of Community law.
4. Personal data is expressed on the basis of the consent expressed by the user and in cases where the provisions on rights authorize the Administrator to perform personal data on the basis of legal provisions or for the purpose of implementing the contract concluded between the parties.
5. Service of the function of obtaining information about users and their behavior in obtaining the method:
a) via a source providing information
b) by collecting "cookies".
6. A website that collects information provided by the user.
7. The data provided in the form are real in order to obtain the effect from the utility function, e.g. in order to perform the information contact handling process.
8. Personal data left on the website are not sold or sold to the central bank, in accordance with the laws on the protection of personal data.
9. The data contained in the form can be viewed by the natural person who is there. This person also has the right to modify and immediately act on their data in the course.
10. We reserve the right to make changes to the website protection policy, which may affect the development of internet technology, possible changes in the law in the field of personal data protection and the development of our website. We will inform you about the change in a visible and understandable way.
In case of doubt as to any of the provisions of the privacy policy, we are at your disposal - our data can be found in the procedure - CONTACT.


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